Friday, July 9, 2010

Hybrids: Yes or No?

The hybrid car: Mans biggest gift to the environment, right? Well that’s for you to decide but before you do, let take a look at some facts and some pros and cons behind the hybrid car.
First off: What is a hybrid car? In a nutshell it’s a normal, fuel efficient car that has two motors - an electric motor and a gasoline powered motor. It also has a special system to capture braking energy to store in an on board battery.

To start with the pros of the hybrid cars, the basic technology itself seems to be advantageous. The common hybrid cars use the combination engine of the gasoline and electrical energy, which strongly emphasis on the reduced use of gasoline.

In the working, the starting up and low pace of the car is used up with the electrical energy and the gasoline engine will come to the scene in the higher speeds. The effective computer programs will efficiently balance the switching over process between the gasoline and electrical energy. This really attributes two benefits, gasoline use will be minimum and enhances the energy efficiency, but the required pace can be gained, with comfort. To boost up the efficiency factor, the engine size is minimized and the body is made with light weight materials in an aerodynamic drag reduction design. The appropriate electrical use in the system helps to avoid the environmental pollution by reducing the tailpipe emissions and also assist the energy in maintaining the accessories and backing up in steep slopes. But, the real advantage is that the electrical energy does not require a recharge since it is automatically recharged with regenerative braking. But, as usual, cons exist for hybrid cars also. The practical viability of the energy efficiency is considered as the major question among the cons. The proficiency to attain high speed is also checked in most cases. The battery life and the cost for the battery change is considered to be an inevitable con associated with the hybrid car. The security factors raised due to the light weight body is also a risk for hybrid cars.

However, government seems to be impressed with the attributes of hybrid cars such as less pollution and higher energy efficiency. Government allows tax credit and reductions for the promotion of the hybrid cars. It is also often added among the pros for the hybrid cars. The cons have to be considered as motivating factors for the improvisation of the hybrid cars.

So now the question remains, what do you think about hybrid cars? The ability to reduce emissions from vehicles is a big step in the right direction but does the battery issue overshadow that? Give us a shout and let us know what you think!

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