Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Building A Professional Wardrobe

Professional wardrobe shopping can be very tricky, especially when starting a new job. Have no fear because EECU is here with advice from both sides of the party! Blogger Aaron and Audrey are here for you today with their expert opinion on how to build a professional wardrobe and what to look for when shopping. Go grab a pencil and paper because this is information you can’t afford to miss!

Expert Audrey says:

Start off with a basic suit. Make sure it is something you feel comfortable and confident in. Try a neutral color like black or charcoal gray that matches all different colors. Once you have the base, you can begin adding and building to the suit to make separate outfits. Try matching a pencil skirt with the original suit jacket. If you find another jacket, try matching it with the original dress pants. You don’t always have to wear the basic suit together. Change up the look with different color blouses or sweaters. It is much more cost effective to add different blouses or sweaters than to buy suit after suit.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Sometimes something as simple as changing your necklace around can create an entire new look. Finally, finding a great pair of shoes is important. Once again, you want to stick to more neutral colors like black or brown. Leather is a great option because they will last a long time, thus saving you money! You don’t always have to wear heels, either. Try a comfortable loafer or ballet flat. For more conservative business wear, look for close-toed shoes.

Expert Aaron says:

The most formal of all office dress codes is a professional dress code. While many companies are turning to a more relaxed, casual work environment, there are many who still enforce a professional dress code. Depending on your particular employer and field, a professional policy may still exist. Take cues from your boss or other co-workers if you are unsure of the dress code at your place of employment. If you see everyone in suits and ties, then you know that you will be in a professional setting and to dress accordingly.

A professional dress code demands professional attire. To dress professionally, be conservative and keep in mind a few simple things:
  • Always wear a suit and tie.
  • Wear a white or solid colored dress shirt.
  • Conservative shoes in black or brown are a must. A matching belt is also important.
  • Wear dark socks with your shoes. Be sure that your shoes are clean and polished.
  • Keep a well-groomed appearance from head to toe.
The Suit

The basic piece of a professional wardrobe is your suit. A dress code that is professional requires a conservative suit. Preferred suit colors are:
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Grey
Try to avoid anything too flashy or extreme. Pinstripes are fine as long as they are tasteful and look professional. This type of business environment is not usually the place to try out the latest trends.

A good dress shirt is a must to go with your suit. A long-sleeve dress shirt is more professional than short sleeve. Keep your dress shirt basic. You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt. Solid colors such as tan or blue are also acceptable as well as pale pinstripes. Avoid anything bright or bold. A tie is a must with your dress shirt. Choose one that complements your suit and shirt.

Aaron and Audrey are always here to answer your business attire questions so if you have any, give us a shout back because we love to hear from you. Now is the best time for deals and steal at the department stores so head there and professionalize your wardrobe today!

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