Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Famous Footwear For The Job

You would be surprised how many people notice the quality of your shoes and how you maintain them. Your shoes are important, really important. In some places. did you know that you can be legally be fired if your boss thinks that you wear shabby shoes?

"“A person can be fired because the company doesn’t like your shoes,” explains Robert D. Lipman, who manages the New York employment firm Lipman & Plesur, LLP, and is President of Interactive Employment Training, Inc.. . .

Pretty crazy right? Well in this week's blog post we are going to get a little crazy with our venture into the shoe world and what is acceptable and not acceptable in the business professional area.


First things first guys, smelly shoes re never the best thing you want people to remember you by. To prevent foot odor and increase the life of your shoes, many consultants travel with two pairs and rotate them every day. Wing-tip shoes are allowed, but not encouraged.
A pair of top-quality ($200-$300) shoes is a good investment because they can be resoled as needed and last for decades. All professional shoes must be low cut lace-up shoes with a fine leather grain capable of being polished to a mirror finish.

However, it is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on dress shoes. There are plenty of affordable options at numerous shoe store outlets as well as online shopping deals.
Always carry a shoe care kit when travelling and make sure to touch-up your shoes before meeting with a client or going into a business setting outside of your office. We don't want you running to an area to shine you shoes every 30 minutes, that would be ridiculous! The toes of the shoes should be polished to a mirror finish, and you should be able to see your face in the shine of an acceptable shoe shine.

Now, let's talk about some of the recent fashion trends and business shoes. Trends toward the square-tipped shoes, pointy-toed, shoes with thick soles and other non-traditional shoe styles are very risky when wearing to a professional setting. If you like the more trendy look, but dislike the older style, try searching for a happy medium online. Remember, there are thousands of shoes out there just waiting for an owner like you.


As a male blogger, I need some help in this department! Shout back and let me know what the deal is on women's shoes. Who knows, you might win a prize...

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