Friday, August 13, 2010

Guidelines To Business Attire Shopping

Shopping for business attire can be a costly venture, especially when trying to start up a base wardrobe. It always seems as if clothing store can predict our urgent need of attire on the cheap, but are the sales worth it? When considering if you are getting a good deal or not, we should first dissect all the factors surrounding the issue.


Time plays a major role when you are hunting for that perfect business attire, and believe me it is our most precious asset. Before going out and shopping, make sure you set a time limit to how long you are dedicated to looking for clothes. This time you spend looking should include any research you do online looking for deals and sales. If you don't put a limit on the amount of time spent looking for clothes, a harmless "drop in" to the store could turn into a two hour aimless wander.


Much like time, coupons must be set to a limit on the amount of use. Yes, saving $30 on a $120 purchase is a great deal but if you are constantly shopping because you keep receiving those coupons in the mail, your money can become very scarce quickly,. Remember to check online for online codes as well as print out coupons, but shop in moderation guys and gals.

Two for One Deals and Percentages Off

Buy this shirt and get one free or 50% off! This is a common sales pitch you will see at 99% of retail stores. Most of the time this won't hurt you but beware of over shopping. Ask yourself, "Did i come to the store to get two shirts or one?" If you came to get two or more then the sale benefits you, but don't just buy something because the sale is there. Self control is the name of the game when you step into the lion den... or shopping mall.

As you can see, having a game plan before going in to shop for business attire can be the best way to come out ahead of the game. It might seem like having a plan to shop is a bit much, but think about how much your debit/credit card will be pleased. Enjoy the tips and if you have any great words of wisdom when it comes to shopping for biz clothes, give us a shout! Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. This is too funny but true. I am going to share this with my daughter as she is graduating and will start looking for a job soon. So important as dress is everything when presenting yourself