Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tell High Entertainment Costs To Get LOST!

As a fan to one the the greatest shows on television, LOST, I have learned many things from this show. Yes, the show ended 108 days ago, which is a great number (Wink Wink)! Now, I first learned that when you are stranded on an island that has polar bears running around in a tropical climate that things might be a bit off, but that's beside the point. What I really learned from LOST was your entertainment costs don't have to be as high as they are right now! Warning: If you have not watched LOST, please go check out the first season today and get started ASAP!


On the island, many people had to volunteer their own time to help the group as a whole. A great example of this is when the survivors all volunteered their own services and expertise, like Jack Shepard does as the island doctor. The best part about volunteering is it doesn’t cost a dime, and it really helps the community. You might even learn something. For example, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity can help you learn home improvement skills.

Amateur sports

Right from the beginning of season 1, many of the survivors played Backgammon. Although this is a board game that does cost money to buy, the game itself can be played over and over again. There isn’t as much glitz and glamor, but you might see more heart when playing board games as the competition can get fierce. And one thing’s for sure: The hot dogs are cheaper and the parking is closer.

Free concerts

Charlie was the Bass player in the fictional band called, DRIVESHAFT. He enjoyed music so much that his parents bought him a piano at a young age, simply because he loved to play and create music. Although he grew up to play Bass, he loved to play for strangers on the island. His free concerts on the island were a breath of fresh air from those all LOST on the island. Most cities have free concerts of some sort. Check your local paper’s entertainment section or search online for “free concert” with your city and state. You should also see if your local paper offers an e-mail newsletter of local events each weekend.

Go to the woods

Although there was a giant smoke monster on the island that would strike at any moment, the beautiful landscape reminded me that we have so many incredible places around us that don't get enough attention. Sometimes, we’re often so preoccupied with paying for everything, we forget about simple pleasures like a walk in the woods, camping, or a picnic in the local park. Don't skip over those places, especially because you think there might be a smoke monster waiting for you. Trust me, there isn't... Or is there?

Watch Netflix online

Now I know that the people on the island did not watch Netflix, but I did watch ALL the seasons of LOST on Netflix Online viewing for the low cost of $8.95/month. Think about the money I saved by not going to the video store and renting all 5 seasons available. I saved somewhere in the neighborhood of $100! if you are looking for that movie fix and watch to save big time, subscribe to Netflix, but watch movies online. You’ll get a lot more out of your subscription without waiting for shipping, and without a limit on the number of movies you can watch (as long as they’re online). If you have a gaming console, you can get it streamed to it and be able to view the movies on your television set. If you don't have one, check out the cost of a Netflix box, they are very cheap and affordable!

The teachings of LOST, even though it is over, will forever be reminding me of how I can save money on my entertainment. I hope this blog post helped you see how you can cut the fat from your entertainment costs. If you have any tips or just want to chat about savings, give us a shout back because we love to hear from you.

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