Monday, September 6, 2010

The Ultimate Saving On Clothes Guide

So school has started up, but maybe you need some more clothes for that look you are trying to achieve. The only problem is you "back to school clothes" shopping funds is reaching its limit. Never fear, in our early week blog post, we are going to give you some excellent tips on how to save when it comes to shopping.

Rule number one, shop with cash only.

We all know about store credit and the dangers that can come with it, if not used correctly. The cold hard truth is the easiest way to save money on clothes is to only buy what you can afford, plain and simple. If you don't have money in your checking account for those extra clothes, then you'll have to save up to get them.

Rule number two, hit the Discount Chains

Sure, the big retailers can be hard to navigate and have their share of cheap distractions, but there are stylish bargains to be had at stores like T.J. Maxx and Target. Head to the former for great deals on shoes and handbags, and shop for the latest from their designer partners (you'll find great items online that may be unavailable at your local store).
Note: Just because a store is inexpensive doesn't mean you'll save any money - there is a tendency to "load up" your cart with all of the bargains, only to find you've racked up hundreds of dollars on non-essentials. TRUST ME.

Rule number three, shop out of season

Seasoned shoppers never hit the mall when new clothes hit the racks. Shop for spring and summer items in the fall, and buy your fall and winter looks when spring rolls around.
If you pay attention to the fashion week previews, you can even shop the trends on a bargain, provided you choose looks that will be around for more than one season.

Rule number four, look for online deals

Sign up for email newsletters from retailers, and they'll send you coupons and keep you aware of their latest sales. There are entire websites devoted to mining the net for coupons, but searching through them can be a major time waster.

Rule number five, don't be lured in by SALES

It is worth mentioning that all of those "sale" alerts and coupons can result in overspending (I am certain the Express emails alone have cost me hundreds), so think of the clothing deals like grocery store coupons and don't buy anything just because it's on sale.

The idea behind saving when it comes to shopping is juts to have a plan of attack and then follow it. Spontaneous shopping can lead to over spending, just as late night infomercials can lead to buyer's remorse. Beware of the overspending bug by knowing your weaknesses and staying clear. Happy shopping and if you have any tips, give us a shout back as we love to hear from you.

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