Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Confused About Voting?

Are you confused about the election coming up? Do you need to know where to go vote and what to expect? Well you have come to the right place... almost. The right place is here, but we are going to direct you to a place that has all the information you need. is a one-stop-shop for election related information. It provides nonpartisan general and state-specific information aspects of the election process.

On Vote411, you have selections that are as follows:

VOTING IN YOUR STATE - This give you all the information you need about deadlines, election information, etc. I would recommend this to start with as it will give you the necessary information to clear up some of those questions.

REGISTER TO VOTE - This area will give you an easy way to register. You can register online with the tools it provides or get information on other ways to be able to cast you ballot this year!

POLLING PLACE FINDER - This button allows you to search their database and find where it would be easiest for you to vote! Who needs a GPS when Vote411 has got your back?

ON YOUR BALLOT - This button lets you look at all the people and bills that you will be voting for! Take some time and get to know what is happening in your area so that when election time comes around, you won't be left in the dark!

So now that you have the site to get you the information, go check it out and get informed! If you have any questions or want to shout out at us about what you used for this election, join the conversation and let us know!

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