Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 10 Social News Sites Part 1!

Social-mediaThere are a great deal of social news sites on the internet, sometimes too many. Most of them are dormant and are no longer active, largely because they were poorly marketed and hence, never had an active community of users in the first place. the use of these sites though has shined a bright light on shared news and stories worth passing along to others. I know what you are thinking, "Which sites do I go to?"

Have no fear because in this two part series, we are going to explore 20 different social news sites for you to check out!

  1. Slashdot - Primarily a tech news site, Slashdot also covers topics like books, games, politics and entertainment. Users can submit stories and they may be published after editors approve it. A popular site that can send a large amount of traffic.

  2. Metafilter - A community weblog which allows users to share links and discuss interesting websites/topics. Moderation is done through editors as well as peer pressure in order to prevent gaming.

  3. I am bored - Covers general topics with a strong focus on weird and offbeat news. You can submit a link which may be posted after the editors approve it.

  4. Digg - The largest and most popular social news website on the internet. Covers all topics including politics, entertainment, technology and general news. Includes a separate video and image section.

  5. Fark - A community news site which allows users to comment on news articles. User submitted links will be posted on the main page once they are approved by the administrators.

We know you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. You want a community that gives you fresh news on topics you care about. Social news sites can give you all of that! Stay Tuned for our next five later this week! Happy reading and if you have a social news site you want to share, give us a shout back because we love to hear from you.

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