Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ways To Use Social Media To Find A College Part 1

Looking for the right school has change drastically in the last 10 years. With the increasing use of the internet students are able to get more information on hundreds of schools in the nation. While books, tours, and advice from guidance counselors provide some great general information, they really only scratched the surface of what each college was actually like for students. Even if you sent away to the school for more info, it was still vetted and edited by the school’s communications department.

It wasn’t until this blogger visited the schools I was interested in and actually talked to students that I started to get a real picture of what university life was like at those schools. Thankfully, students of today don’t have quite the same problems, due to in large helpfrom social media. Here are 6 social media resources for high school students (and their parents) to use in order to find out more about what college life is really like at the school they plan to attend.


At Communiversity, students can share their story of campus life using text, photo, and video. Each school has its own page, and current students can connect and share information about what their lives are like at their school. From Greek life, to off campus living, to what the local scene is like, Communiversity offers information that will be very helpful for incoming freshman choosing a school.

The site is set up in a wiki format, so anyone can go in and edit university pages and add new information, media, or tips and advice.

Campus Buddy

Campus Buddy essentially builds on top of and extends Facebook to connect high school students with students currently matriculating at the colleges they are considering attending. After linking to your Facebook account and adding prospective colleges, students can visit each college’s page on Campus Buddy to learn about the school, view ratings from current students, and connect with students at that school.

Further, each college profile has a Q&A forum where students can ask questions about campus life from the people who are actually living it.

The College Blog Network

What better way to learn what life is really like at the colleges of your choice than by reading blogs about campus life penned by the students that live there? The College Blog Network is a directory of student authored blogs at a large number of schools.

The great thing about student blogs is that they really run the gamut of topics. One student might write specifically about life for someone studying a certain subject, while another might write about what it’s like to participate on a school sports team, for example. The site will be rebranding as CollegeBlender in August.

Part 2 will be coming out shortly so stay tuned to Absolute's blog to see what the other 3 social network sites!

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