Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Netflix or Redbox? Which To Invest In?

Most people who decide to cut back on spending look to the entertainment area first, which can be an excellent place to start. Instead of cutting back your movie or entertainment expenses, how about making an investment decision to put your "movie" money where it does the most good and stretches the farthest! Let's check out some options of where we can put our money.
Netflix is one frugal way to see the movies you want to see. Although you have to wait for the movies to be released to DVD, the savings you’ll experience certainly makes the wait worthwhile. For those of you who have an entertainment gaming system like an XBOX, Nintendo Wii or PS3, you can stream movies directly to your console. This can help while you wait for those DVDs that you are dying to watch! Netflix has recently added a new level, which is $7.99 to only stream movies, so if you are an avid XBOX streamer like this blogger than this might be the plan for you. In addition, there is another perk with the Netflix program. Netflix has the foresight to realize that some people might want to have more than one movie at a time. For that reason, there are multiple program levels to the Netflix membership. Members can choose to be allowed one, two, or three movies at a time. There are separate prices for each level, so individuals get to select the one that fits into their lifestyle and budget.
People who don’t watch a lot of movies, however, may balk at the idea of spending $7.99-$8.99 a month, the cost of the lowest level of membership at Netflix. What do you do if you only watch the occasional movie? Do you tell yourself that the membership cost is still cheaper than the cost of going to the movie theatre?
Of course you don’t just accept the extra expense. For the sporadic movie watchers, there are Redbox movie rental stations. At a Redbox, you can rent all kinds of movies for $1 per night. As long as you return the movie the next day, there are no additional costs. If you do keep it for an extra day, however, you’ll only be billed another dollar. It doesn’t come much cheaper than that.
My favorite thing about Redbox is the convenience. If I’m at the grocery store and chose to rent a movie from the Redbox at the exit doors, I don’t have to return the movie at the same Redbox location. Instead I can drop it off at another station closer to the places my errands take me the next day. Blockbuster was never this easy!
All in all, I’d have to say that both programs have their merits. The determining factor is really the frequency of use. If you rent a Redbox movie every day, you’ll rack up charges of $30 each month. In this case you should probably just join Netflix. On the other hand if your family rents a movie once or twice a month, Redbox is perfect for you. Take a look at the way you rent and watch movies to decide which one is right for you.

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