Monday, March 14, 2011

4 Jobs That Will Keep You Fit

Keeping your body fit while working a hectic work week can be difficult. The thrill of having a job that can keep you not only financially fit but physically fit can be exciting. In this weeks blog post, we are goign to visit 4 jobs that will not only get you some money, but muscles too.

1. Landscaper
Landscapers can get a real work out on the job. Pulling out deep-rooted plants, digging holes, carrying large pots or laying paving stones and turf is quite a task but also very rewarding when you’re handiwork comes to full bloom.
There is no formal training for this job. Candidates need to be physically fit and have stamina. They must be self-motivated and able to carry out orders. If you want to be more involved in garden design and the creative side, there are a number of university courses and evening classes. However, these are not essential to do this job.

2. Bike Messenger
You may have spotted the odd bike messenger cycling through traffic at high speed to deliver some all important package. Considering the distances most bike messengers cover there’s no doubt that this job will keep anyone fit.
There is no formal training for this job. However, you need to have a bike and be confident and safe on the roads. You will also need to have good geographical knowledge of the area you’re covering.

3. Circus Performer

Acrobatics, juggling, stilt-walking and aerial work on trapezes and high wires; the life of a circus performer is pretty varied. The work involves spending a great deal of time rehearsing and keeping fit. To hold the interest of audiences and keep acts fresh, new and exciting, performers spend time devising and rehearsing new movements and routines. They usually tailor their act to suit different venues and audiences.

To become a circus performer, you could take a part-time adult education class, get involved with community circuses and attend holiday workshops. Some circuses offer professional courses at BA level.

4. Construction Worker

Working in construction takes a lot of strength and builds a lot of it too! There are many different types of construction jobs from road work to building houses and buildings. The hours start early and you are typically outside but that can be balanced out by being home earlier then the average worker and getting to go home early on rainy and cold days.

Do you have a job that requires a lot of physical strength and gets the bills paid? Share your thoughts and jobs with us and join in on the conversation!

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