Monday, June 20, 2011

Help! My Cell Phone Is Wet!

Many people tend to do one thing when their phone takes a nice bath in a pool of water, throw it away. Before you go tossing your phone out the window and head to the store to buy a new one, think about your options!

Remove The Phone From The Water

The first step is to remove the phone from the water as soon as possible. The less time the phone spends submerged, the greater chance it has of being saved. The plastic covers that come with cell phones do provide some protection, but it takes a mere twenty seconds or less for water to get through these barriers and start causing damage to your phone.

Once you pull the phone from the water, remove the battery immediately. Cutting power is a crucial step when attempting to save a wet cell phone. There are many circuits inside cell phones that can survive getting wet, but only if they are not attached to a power source.

If your cell phone comes with a SIM card, remove it promptly. Do not heat the card, simply pat it dry with a soft towel, and put it aside until the rest of your phone is dry and back to working order. The good news is that SIM cards recover well from water damage. If for some reason, your phone doesn't survive the accident but the SIM card does, there are plenty of places that sell unlocked cell phones. Simply place your SIM chip into the new phone and go.

Salt Water Accident

If your phone was submerged in salt water, you must rinse it in fresh water before the drying process begins. Even after the phone is dry, crystals can form and continue to cause damage and erosion. The last thing you want is a phone that comes with its own salt dispensing machine!

Stay tuned for the next steps on how to bring your phone back from a watery grave!

Do you have some great information about what to do when a cellphone takes a swim? Shout out to us and let us know your tricks of the trade!

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