Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time And Facebook Part 2

Welcome back to part two of "Time And Facebook". If you haven't checked out Time And Facebook Part 1, read it and then hurry back to this blog!

Let's get started with our next tips and help you keep your head while keeping up with your profile!

Changing notifications settings on Facebook

Users have the choice of changing their notifications settings so that they don't receive constant e-mails regarding their profile updates. The way to go about it is to click on Settings in the top right of the homepage, then clicking on Notifications. There, you can uncheck all the extra options of various notifications that can be e-mailed/SMS. Removing those notifications will keep you from constantly checking your Facebook page after every notification you receive.

Avoiding third-party apps on Facebook

Facebook third-party applications are a surefire way to waste hours and hours of precious time. From Farmville, making bumper stickers, scribbling graffiti, to taking quizzes about anything and everything. The key to avoiding all the junk, is to stay firmly away from third-party apps and quizzes, and be determined about spending a specified time on Facebook.

Saving time on Facebook

These are some of the ways one can avoid wasting time on Facebook. It's highly recommended that one evaluates his/her goals and work on achieving them quickly without whiling away time on social media websites like Facebook. No doubt it's a great way to keep in touch, but it can also become a great way to waste time doing 'nothing." With a little practice, one can implement these time management techniques and hence become a much more efficient person than before.

Thanks for reading our take on how to save time when it comes to Facebook. You have the tips, now it is time to put them into motion. If you have any tips for us, let us know because we want to share it with others. Thanks for reading another blog post by your credit union.

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