Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fundraising Ideas

Most people believe that fundraising can be a difficult task as a teen. This can be seen as true when you don't have the same resources as adults. Well, throw that thinking out the window because this week we are going to give you the tips you need to really get your fundraiser going! So let's not waste any more time and get you on the path to getting some cash for your cause!

Organize an all-night dance-off by charging participants who want to join. All that you'll need is a large room, such as a school hall, and some music. You can assign a number to couples or even individuals and each are eliminated when they stop dancing. You can have a small prize, such as a trophy, for the last person or couple standing on the dance floor. This can even be a great way for people to meet others outside their circle of friends!
Pet Pageant
Host a pet pageant by inviting friends, neighbours and families willing to pay a small fee to show off their pets. If permitted, this can be done on school grounds, at your local park or on your street. If your budget allows, build a simple stage for the competition. You'll also need people to volunteer so you have a panel of people to judge such parts of the contest as the talent or fashion competition. Prizes can include a trophy for the pet owner and a bag of treats for the pets.
Service Sale
Think of a service that you can provide, such as painting, babysitting, mowing the lawn or grocery shopping and charge a fee for providing that service. Tell your neighbors, family members and friends about the service and post advertisements about it in such places as a church or on local community bulletin boards.
Talent Show
Organize a talent show. Ask students and teachers to sign up to join the show and show off their talents. Anyone can participate whether they sing, dance, juggle or play an instrument. Invite people to attend the concert and charge an entrance fee to collect funds.

Art Contest
Hosting an art contest is an event that can be held in your neighbourhood or school. This can be broken down into several categories, such as painting, sculpting or drawing. Artists pay a joining fee and you can then ask people to volunteer as judges, with prizes awarded for each winner in each category. Another twist to the event would be to hold an auction for the artwork.

Car Wash
Teens can easily organize a car wash right in their own driveways. They can put up banners and posters on their front lawn so people who drive by can see what is the purpose of the car wash. Organize the event by getting in touch with a gas station or auto shop that will be willing to share its space to host your fund raiser.

Now you have the tips to really succeed at the next fundraiser you host. Remember to have a game plan, stick to it, and most importantly HAVE FUN! If you have some tips for others when it comes to fundraising, give us a shout because we love hearing from you!

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