Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fundraising With Facebook Part 1

Fundraising is all about telling a story and connecting with the individual reading it. With roughly 1/10th of the world's population on Facebook, you can see how it is a great tool for you to share your story and mission. with a powerful tool like Facebook, you can see your story be passed along, commented on, and even interacted with! In this two part blog post, let's check out some ways Facebook can help you spread the word about your fundraiser!

Status Updates
Status updates are so easy. It’s the bread and butter of Facebook – telling your network what you’re up to. Are you a fan of osting updates regularly? If your answer is yes, that’s a good thing because as a fundraiser you should be posting an update fairly regularly, and it should "always" have your fundraiser information page or website attached to it.

Also, look out for opportunities to start conversations based on your friend’s status updates. Commenting on statuses has really taken off since Facebook launched it a few months ago.
The golden rule is don’t just post the URL all on its own. Link-baiting alone is kind of annoying and we’ve all seen it!

Post Photos
Having a great set of photos that illustrates your cause can help you greatly! Make sure you try and capture as much of your story on camera and regularly upload photos, tagging yourself and anyone else in them as necessary. Photos are very prominent on profiles now, so get to taking those pictures. Also, make sure your profile picture is reflecting what you are doing in your fundraiser!

If you’re actually doing an official event, like a marathon for example, then search for it and see if it’s listed on Facebook. If it is, add yourself to it. If you’re doing your own thing and you want others to take part, then you can build your own event on Facebook and send it to your friends. Don’t build an event around just the "Facebook page" because that can be a bit annoying.

Thanks for checking out part 1 of "Facebook and Fundraising". Make sure you check back as we continue this conversation and give you more tips you need to pump up your fundraiser with Facebook!

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