Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Find That Right Apartment Part Uno!

We all know how to locate apartments (thanks to the glorious access to information Lord Google brings us), but that is only half the battle. How do you find the best deal on an apartment? Well, if you follow this systematic approach, you can locate the best and most affordable apartment real estate possible.

The first step to finding the best apartment at the best price is determining how much you can afford to spend on an apartment. If you do not already have a personal budget, create a quick spreadsheet and lay out all of your income and expenses. Determine how much per month you are willing to spend on apartment rent. Don't forget that there will also be utilities on top of that, which should be included in the budget.

Next, identify potential areas that you are interested in living. For each area, search for potential apartments within your price range. The easiest way to do this is find a apartment site that will give you the ability to search for apartments in your area. Find at least three apartments in each area and record the number of bedrooms, rent, and other comments for each.

At this point it is time to narrow down the area that you want to rent an apartment in. Hopefully, the research you did in the previous step has made this clear to you. If not, do more research into each area and weigh the pros and cons. Drive through each area and spend some time becoming familiar with the area. What type of restaurants, activities, parks, etc. are in the area? When you have completed this step, you will have selected a general area that you want to live in.

Stay tuned later this week so you can get the rest of the information and how to find that perfect apartment for you!

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