Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Great Coupon Debate

Coupons are not just for grocery shopping anymore... you can see the evidence anywhere you turn and even when you look at your mobile phone. With deals from big coupon giants like Groupon, many people have been taking up the coupon game and started saving...and that is where the debate lies. In this blog we are going to explore the pros and cons of using coupons and see what the score is at the end of the blog!

  1. Savings on initial sale - I know this is an obvious pro, but it is always notable and never forgotten.
  2. Influenced less by store's marketing campaign - Many of us can fall victim to the stores marketing plans and schemes, but with a coupon in hand, you have what you are going to by and won;t stray away from what you need to get.
  3. Less prone to impulse buying - When you add coupons to the mix, the savings total is in your head and stays with you. Majority of the time, when you have that sales figure in your head, you won;t want to spend that cash you are saving!
  1. If you are not going to use it, don't buy it - No matter how great the deal may appear. Money spent on junk food you shouldn't eat or shampoo that fries your hair is still a poor purchase, even though the coupon gremlin whispers in your ear otherwise.
  2. You will have to give up store loyalty to get the best deals - This is a big deal for a large body of shoppers! Coupons can make individuals give up their loyalty to go get the best deal.
  3. You feel the pressure of a 'sales date' at the store to use that coupon - Often just because you think the sale is running out, it may make you rush to go purchase an item, when in fact in just a short time another area store will have the same item on sale within a week or two and you can use your coupon then.
So you have seen some pros and cons of using coupons and the choice is yours which way you swing! Let us know your thoughts on coupons and get involved in the conversation. Thanks for checking out another blog post from your credit union!

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