Friday, October 28, 2011

Switch From a Bank to a Credit Union!

EECU is encountering more and more people that are closing their bank accounts, and joining a credit union.

“I banked with Bank of America for 12 years. Over the years, their fees just kept increasing. The last straw was when I noticed a $25 fee being withdrawn from my account every month that could not be satisfactorily explained by the bank. They really were not cooperative and I was fed up with fees. I’d heard really nice things about EECU from friends and family and I knew I wanted to join that credit union, so I moved all of my accounts to a place I can trust!” - Andrea on why she switched. (pictured left, Tiffany, MSR for EECU, pictured right)

"When my bank made the decision to charge for services that I expect to have free of charge, I decided to search for a better deal. I discovered a financial institute that I could trust in. I found EECU - A Community Credit Union. EECU has many services friendly faces, and no frivolous service fees. Simply said, they do not charge me money to use my own money. EECU deserves my business!" - Luann on why she switched. (not pictured)

Credit Unions are for people. Banks are for profit. Isn't it time to switch?

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