Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Part 1

To lug merchandise or have it shipped? This is something to consider when you decide if you’re going to score your biggest bargains on Black Friday or on Cyber Monday. I’ve tried both approaches several times in recent years and see pros and cons to both. While these shopping days are not mutually exclusive, of course, the assumption here is that you’re going to make a choice about which day to spend the bulk of your time, adrenaline and cash in search of the best bargains.

Let’s look first at the Black Friday pros:

As it’s a day off work for most, you’ll likely have more time and more flexibility. It’s a more social experience, even if you’re shopping alone. The people watching is almost worth going to these crazy deal days alone!

You can knock some things off your shopping list a couple of days earlier. That means you need not have shopping hanging over your head during the weekend’s family activities or big games. You get to actually put your hands on the merchandise that you’re buying. Not a big deal if it’s, say, a DVD, but could be if it’s, say, a piece of jewelry for your wife.

Some retailers are more aggressive with their offline deals than their online ones.

Now for some Black Friday cons:

Long lines, moody people and bad drivers. Need I say more? I don’t think so.

Inclement weather can make the aforementioned headaches even more painful.

You only have two hands, and making multiple trips to the car to drop off parts of your bounty gets old. Fast.

Thanks for reading another blog post from your credit union and have a happy holiday this weekend!

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