Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Part 2

Welcome to the next part of our Black Friday Cyber Monday discussion! If you have not read the first part, head here now and read what you missed! Now, lets visit something everyone is dealing with right now!

Let's talk Cyber Monday. First the pros:

No lines, no moody people and no bad drivers. That speaks for itself.

You can spend your free day Friday doing whatever you please, saving the shopping for a work day.

When shopping online, you may have a greater range of merchandise to shop from and you need not limit yourself to the retailers in your neighborhood malls.

Your merchandise will be shipped, saving you the hassle—and potential back pain—of lugging it around.

Some retailers offer online-only deals.

You can sometimes “stack” deals with online purchases, using a coupon for a promo code for savings on a product and another one for bucks off shipping. A place to start looking for such deals is

There are cons to Cyber Monday as well:

There is always some risk whenever shopping online that credit card or other personal information will be stolen. This risk is minimal these days, of course, but it’s there.

What you see isn’t always what you get online, so expect to deal with the hassle of returns.

Having items delivered is a great convenience, but the extra money you may have to pay for shipping can reduce the overall impact of the deals you find. (That said, many retailers offer shipping discounts, and even free shipping, during the holidays.)

Also, with shipping, you have to manage those deliveries if you need to sign for them or if there isn’t a safe place for the UPS or FedEx guy to leave them. This can be particularly tricky when allowing Santa to deliver items to your house. One year, a Santa present arrived on a doorstep unboxed and unwrapped. Oops.

There you have it: Some things to consider when deciding on which day to spend your holiday cash.

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