Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go Green (and red) This Holiday Season

Are you concerned that your holiday gift might leave an extra large carbon footprint this year? Well your credit union is here to tell you that purchasing holiday gifts does not have to harm the planet. Whether you are green or purchasing for someone who lives a green lifestyle, there are a variety of gifts on the market perfect for the eco-friendly. You can find these gifts online or at stores across the country. Let's take a quick dive in to the sea of ideas when it comes to green shopping and the holidays!

Don't just pamper the green friends in your life. Make sure you pamper the animals in an eco-friendly fashion as well. Purchase Shea butter shampoos and conditioner for your pets. These soaps are made with natural ingredients and leave your pets feeling soft and looking shiny. You can even purchase leashes and collars for your pets that are earth-friendly and made from recycled materials.

Music Enthusiast
You can find a green gift for any type of person, even the music lover. Of course you could go with an email gift certificate for iTunes or Amazon to purchase new tunes, or you could buy some recycled memorabilia. Purchase recycled coasters made from album covers. Companies design these coasters that are made completely from recycled materials and can be tailored to a music lover's taste.

Find an earth-friendly charity to donate money to in your friend or family's name for the holidays. Choose a charity that supports your friend's beliefs, such as a charity that donates laptops to under privileged children or helps clean up parks. Gift donations often include a certificate you can give to the recipient.

There's even a green gift for the lover of fashion. Purchase vegan shoes or shoes that support a charity for a econ-conscious fashion-loving friend. Shirts made from organic cotton and scarves from bamboo are also an option for fashion lovers. Look where the clothes are made when making the purchase. Buy clothes made in America or close to your home if possible. Make sure they're from a company with strong beliefs for going green.

If you go green this holiday season, be surer to share how you did it with us because we want to hear from you! Thanks for checking out another blog post from your credit union!

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