Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Club Accounts From EECU

With the holidays approaching, we know that your budget can take a huge hit this time of year. From buying gifts to replacing old decorations, the costs can really add up! although 011 is coming to a close, it is never too late to start panning for the 2012 holiday season with the Holiday Club Account from EECU!

The EECU Holiday Club Account is open to all members for the purpose of saving money throughout the year to help with holiday expenses. You may open your Holiday Club Account at any time throughout the year, and you may make deposits and withdrawals at any time without penalty. What a great way to save for the end of the year and not have to worry about pulling together enough money!

Not only is the Holiday Account a great way to save, but it also features the same competitive dividend rate and requires the same minimum balance as our Savings Account. Dividends are paid on the daily balance and are compounded and credited monthly.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Holiday Account today and start your saving! Thanks for reading another blog post from your credit union.

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