Monday, October 22, 2012

Forward Thinking Grant

     EECU - A Community Credit Union is pleased to announce that their quarterly Forward Thinking Partnership Program grant has been awarded to Jackson County ISD Youth Center. Jackson County ISD received $1,443.00 to help fund their Kindles for Kids project. This project will bring more reading to the students of the Jackson County Youth Center and will improve the reading skills of the students residing there by increasing the amount of quality reading and the text to voice features. Their goal is to develop successful, competent readers. The Jackson County Youth Center teachers are staffed by the Special Education Department of the Jackson County Intermediate School District (JCISD).

     “EECU’s Forward Thinking Partnership Program was developed in recognition of years of support from our local educational community,” said Renée Allen, Operations & Marketing Director of the credit union. “The program helps great educational ideas and projects become reality through financial assistance.” To qualify, projects or ideas must be educationally related and enrich the lives of students/participants. Funding examples include: classroom materials, special educational or enrichment programs, playground or recreational equipment, library or media materials, special speakers or assemblies, etc. Additionally, the project or idea must provide a benefit to a significant portion of EECU’s membership or potential membership and/or the communities in which they live.

    For an application or to learn more about EECU’s Forward Thinking Partnership Program, contact our Business Development Department at 517.787.2060, ext. 3731 or e-mail Completed
applications may be returned via e-mail or postal mail. Deadlines for consideration are the end of each fiscal quarter: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

Rose McKenzie, Teacher and Consultant Jackson Intermediate School District; Mary Fedore, teacher at Youth Center and employed by Jackson Intermediate School District; Liz Hoffius, Financial Education Coordinator at EECU; and Liz Raduazo, Grant Coordinator for Jackson Intermediate School District.

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