Wednesday, December 18, 2013

we've gone mastercard®!

Michigan Community Credit Union is pleased to announce that all current VISA® Debit and Credit Cardholders will be upgraded to new MasterCard® Debit and Credit Cards in January 2014! By using the new MasterCard® Debit and Credit Cards, members will enjoy greater flexibility and enhanced benefits! New MasterCard® Debit and Credit Cards were be mailed in mid-December 2013. Please continue to use your current VISA® card(s) until January 22, 2014. At that time, please destroy your old card(s), activate your new card(s) and begin using the new MasterCard(s)®. 

What stays the same?

·         Same great points rewarded for signature-based transactions

·         All current reward points will be auto-transferred to the new card(s) & Debit and Credit Card points will still be combined

·         Daily ATM withdrawal & purchase limits

·         Checking Account

What's new?

·         Exciting new CO-OP Member Rewards card points program; earn bonus points for shopping at participating retailers; Business Debit & Credit Cards will now earn points; and enhanced rewards member support 24/7

·         Make PIN changes at any MCCU ATM or by phone at 800.503.9249 beginning 1/22/14

·         New 16-digit card number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) for security

Thank you for carrying and using your Michigan Community Credit Union MasterCard® Debit and Credit Cards! We look forward to building a lifetime relationship with you! For more information or to apply for a new MasterCard® Debit and/or Credit Card, visit or call 517.787.2060 today!

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