Sunday, June 29, 2014

4 Things for the 4th

With Independence day coming up I thought it would be a good idea to share a few things to give you quick ideas to celebrate this holiday. It's so fun to have traditions that carry over from year to year, and it's fun to make new traditions too!

Number 1:
Watermelon, baked beans & corn on the cob.
These are some classic picnic foods that just scream summer. Have a 4th of July picnic and include these tasty foods to add a bit of summer fun and celebration. 

Number 2:
Ultimate frisbee.
This is a great game to play with everyone. It's fast paced, fun and easy to get in to. Set up a field in the park or your backyard and get a game going with friends. (Click here for ultimate frisbee rules.)

Number 3:
Water balloon fight.
Have a water fight or play a game involving water balloons or squirt guns. A bit of family fun and some water on a hot day makes for great memories.

Number 4:
Go on a hike.
It's so great to get out in nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Pack a lunch and take a long hike in a beautiful state park or nature center.

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