Tuesday, July 15, 2014

computer system upgrade guide and what it means for you!

This Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is intended to outline the changes that will
take place at Michigan Community Credit Union as a result of the upcoming upgrade and explain in
detail how these changes may impact the products and services you utilize at MCCU.

Please note that our Branches, Online Banking, Audio Response and Shared Branching will be closed and unavailable starting July 31, 2014 at 3:00pm through August 4, 2014 as we implement our upgrade. You will also have offline limits available to you on your ATM, Debit and Credit Card(s). We
highly recommend that you withdraw some extra cash prior to these dates to get you through the long
weekend. Additionally, all scheduled deposits for August 1-3 will post on July 31. For your convenience,
miResource Center will be available at 517.787.2060 for extended hours during this time to answer any

All staff will receive training prior to the actual conversion on August 1, 2014 for the new system. Please
try to be patient with us as we continually work to serve you all as efficiently and as timely as we can.
We greatly value your membership and strive to meet the changing needs of all our members as we
grow into the future.

Online Banking Information 
• Access to your existing online banking service WILL END on July 31, 2014 at 3:00pm.
• A demo of our new online banking service, miTeller, is available on the Credit Union website.
• miTeller will be available no later than Tuesday, August 5 at 8:00am.
• For current online banking users, access miTeller on our website at www.micommunitycu.com.
 • Your username will remain the same.
 • Your password (first-time access) is: mccu + the last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s
social security number. (ex. mccu1234)
• New miTeller users can follow the automated enrollment prompts on our website to get set up or call
miResource Center at 517.787.2060.
• When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to set up a secure watermark image and
answer new security questions.
• Both LivePerson and Inter-Bank Transfers services will be eliminated. In lieu of LivePerson, please call
our miResource Center at 517.787.2060, use the Message Center inside miTeller or email us at
email@micommunitycu.com. Scheduled transfers between any bank, CU or investment account can still
be processed with the help of a Credit Union employee. All affected members have been emailed.
• Our new mobile app and mobile banking will be available August 4! Search for Michigan Community
Credit Union in the Apple Store and Droid Market.

Statements and Account Transaction History Viewed Through Online Banking 
• There will be a new, easier-to-read layout for your paper statements and e-Statements. Please look
for a guide to reading your new statements coming to you via mail.
• eStatements from May, June and July will be available for viewing in miTeller, and once history is built
up in your account, you will be able to see 36 months of eStatement history.

Bill Pay 
• Your existing Bill Pay information WILL transfer over to the new service, miPay, and this will continue
to be a free service.
• Demos of miPay are available on the Credit Union website.
• The last day bills will be processed with the current provider will be August 1. No bills will be paid
August 2 – August 4. Please do not schedule bills to be paid during this time. Future dated payments
dated August 5, 2014 and later will be saved and processed.
• miPay will have a toll-free support line, 866.325.2941, and the hours are Monday – Friday,
7:00am – 2:30am EST. starting August 4, 2014.
• Bills will be processed after the funds are verified on the process date with your account for electronic
payments. If your account has Courtesy Pay, that will be taken into consideration when processing bills.
• New users to miPay can sign up through miTeller.

Audio Response 
• Audio Response will be unavailable as of July 31 at 3:00pm.
• The new telephone banking service, miTalk, will be available no later than August 5, 2014.
• The miTalk phone number will not change – 800.232.3328 or 517.787.3981.
• A new call flow chart will be available on our website and in branches.

Text Banking 
• Our current Text Banking service will end July 31 at 3:00pm.
• Text Banking will be available for enrollment through our mobile app/mobile banking. All instructions
and available codes will be given at that time.

• In the past, dividends have posted on the 1st
 of the month. They will now post at the end of the
month, starting July 31. This means you will be paid dividends twice in July; July 1 and July 31.

Q: Why are you doing this computer upgrade/conversion?
A: As our membership grows, so does our need to serve you efficiently. Upgrading our computer system
is necessary to implement better data processing and capabilities.
Q: Will my member number, ATM, Debit or Credit Cards change, or will I need to order new checks?
A: No, you will have the same member number, same ATM, Debit and Credit Cards. Your check
information will remain the same.

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