Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hey guys! It's that time of year when everyone is getting ready for the start of school again. Heading back to campus and setting up a dorm, meeting new people, starting classes, and all the excitement that comes along with that. In the midst of all the business sometimes we forget to think about some practical things. I made a quick list of a few practical things to think about and remember as you prepare to head back to school.

Shop around for textbooks.
There's always places to find the books you need other than the campus bookstore. Ask other students, look online, check out other local bookstores or see if Kindle has what you need. Saving money when it comes to textbooks just takes a little bit of work but is so worth it.

Ask for hand me downs.If you know there are things you'll be needing for your dorm, ask people if they have anything you're looking for that they don't want anymore. Friends or family might be willing to let you borrow some things or give or sell things for cheap. Look for options.

Shop back to school sales.There are great deals being offered this time of year, and usually after Labor Day the sales get even better. Find all your school supplies on sale and get some good deals on what you need.

Communicate with your roommate.If you have a roommate make sure you are in contact with them. Find out what things they will be bringing that you won't have to bring. If you can share the responsibility of getting stuff for your dorm with your roommate it will make the move easier.

Make connections from day one.Get to know new people and teachers. Start building relationships right off the bat. This will make everything so much easier and more comfortable as you begin the school year. 

Establish healthy habits. It is so important to start forming good habits right from the start. This is the time that you begin to figure out a routine and find out what works for you. Form good habits of eating healthy, getting enough sleep, designating study time and properly balancing all this (and more) with a social life as well. 

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