Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thrifty Thursday!

Welcome to the first ever Thrifty Thursday! A regular post about thrift shops, thrift shopping, thrift store finds and all things thrifty. To kick it off I have come up with a list of simple tips and advice for thrifting.

1. Before going to the thrift store, go through your own closets and sift out a few items that you no longer need or don't use. Take these with you to donate before you begin shopping. That way you will have room for new things and you might discover a few old treasures you already own.

2. Map out your route and find multiple thrift stores to visit. If you're looking for specific things, you will most likely have to make a few stops. The more shops you can hit in an afternoon, the better chance you have at getting some great finds!

3. If you want to find good things at thrift stores then you have to go often. It takes time to find real treasures. Not only time, but a little bit of work too. You might have to "dig" for what you're looking for. Search every corner of the store and sift through piles if necessary. Check every section of the store even if it's not where you think you'll find what you want. You never know what could end up where. Keep an open mind as you shop and think outside the box!

4. As you meander through the store and add things to your shopping bag, pause once in a while to evaluate what you have. Decided whether or not it is needed or useful. If it was an impulse grab off the shelf definitely think about that item and it's usefulness to you. Put things back if you decide you don't really want or need them.

5. When shopping for clothes, always take time to try things on. You don't want to buy a bunch of clothes and then get home to find out that they don't even fit well. Make sure the items you plan to purchase are things that you will wear.

6. Always inspect each item you are considering to purchase. Look it over thoroughly for stains, cracks, nicks, tears, broken pieces or any sort of damage to the item that would cause it not to work or be unwearable.

7. If you find something amazing but just don't know what to do with it, use it as a gift for someone who you know would appreciate a great thrifted find! 

Happy shopping!

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