Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Identity Theft: IdentitySecure Seminar

Every 3.8 seconds, someone loses their identity. It’s time to protect yours.
Learn how identity theft happens, what to do if it does, and learn ways to prevent it.

Join us for an identity theft seminar to learn about IndentitySecure and other ways to protect yourself from identity theft.

What is IdentitySecure?

IdentitySecure is a comprehensive, take-charge identity theft service  that addresses the most targeted areas such as fraudulent opening of new accounts and running up the balances of current accounts. This program protects members from these expensive misfortunes through monitoring, detecting, and alerting members to potential mistaken identity or fraud. Most importantly, IdentitySecure puts the tools in your hands to help prevent identity confusion and fraud before it happens. In addition, IdentitySecure is there to help take steps in restoring the damage that is caused by these crimes should they occur.

For more information go to www.identitysecure.com and attend the seminar!

When & Where

Friday, October 10, 2014
3:00-4:00 PM
1425 W. Parnall Road, Jackson, MI

It is $5 to attend, however, you can stop by any of our four branches for a free entry ticket while supplies last.

Limited seating! Please RSVP by calling Lindsay at 517.990.3722 or email lindsay@micommunitycu.com


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