Monday, December 15, 2014

Despite the weather, winter IS coming.

Even though it may be 40 degrees outside, I'm pretty sure snow and ice will be coming at some point. It's always a good idea to be prepared for whatever the winter season will bring. One way we don't always think about getting ready for the cold is with our vehicles. It's important to take care of your car and keep up on regular maintenance, especially in harsh climates. Here's a few tips and things to do before the weather gets too bad.

1. Check your vehicles fluids – 
Brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and of course, windshield washer fluid. 

2. Check your tires –
 Worn out or low pressure tires can be dangerous in winter conditions. Check your tire pressure and maybe even replace your tires if the tread is too far gone. 

3. Get an oil change –
 Getting a regular oil change is important to protecting your cars engine and making sure it's running properly. 

4. Check your battery –
 Driving in harsh weather conditions can cause the battery to wear out sooner. 

5. Consider snow tires –
 This is especially beneficial if you don't have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. 

6. Check your wiper blades –
 New, heavy duty wiper blades are nice in the winter when the snow and ice is bombarding your windshield. 

7. Pack an emergency kit –
 Things like boots, blankets, a small shovel, a flashlight, snacks and water. Just in case.

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