Tuesday, April 12, 2016

36 Interesting Facts about 1936!

36 Interesting Facts about 1936!

1. 1936 was a leap year, starting on a Wednesday.
2. The Detroit Red Wings were Stanley Cup Champs.
3. The first building to be completely covered in glass was completed in Toledo, Ohio.
4. The Triborough Bridge in New York City was opened to traffic – the bridge was renamed Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in 2008.
5. The 1936 Summer Olympics opened in Berlin, Germany, and marked the first live television coverage of a sports event in world history.
6. African-American athlete Jesse Owens won the 100-meter dash at the Berlin Olympics.
7. The BBC launched the world's first regular (then) high-definition television service.
8. The New York Yankees won the World Series.
9. American Actor Burt Reynolds was born.
10. The book Gone with the Wind was published.
11. President Roosevelt was re-elected for a second term.
12. The Green Bay Packers were NFL Champions.
13. The Baseball Hall of Fame was founded in Cooperstown, New York.
14. The Great Ziegfeld won the Oscar for best film.
15. Construction of the Hoover Dam was completed.
16. The Green Hornet radio show debuted.
17. The first flight by the Irish airline Aer Lingus took place.
18. Max Schmeling knocked out Joe Louis in the 12th round of their heavyweight boxing match.
19. Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan all set new state records for high temperature during a heat wave in July.
20. The face of Thomas Jefferson was completed and dedicated on Mount Rushmore.
21. The Walt Disney animated short Donald and Pluto was released.
22. Houses cost: $6,900
23. Cars cost: $665
24. Average wage: $1,100 per year
25. Gas cost: 10 cents per gallon
26. The parking meters were invented.
27. Joe Dimaggio made his major-league debut.
28. Some of the first baseball players to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame included Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Walter Johnson.
29. The automobile “People’s Car” Volkswagen was introduced in December.
30. The first 32-ounce quart beer cans appeared.
31. The 5th Avenue Candy Bar was introduced.
32. The creator of The Muppets, Jim Henson, was born.
33. The Spanish Civil War began in July
34. The twin-rotor helicopter was invented by Heinrich Focke
35. Actress Mary Tyler Moore was born.

36. Michigan Community Credit Union was founded!

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