Monday, May 9, 2016

Michigan Community Credit Union Announces Forward Thinking Grant

We are pleased to announce that our quarterly Forward Thinking Grant has been awarded to a kindergarten classroom in Waldron Area Schools! The Forward Thinking Grant was developed to help great educational ideas and projects become reality through financial assistance. We are eager to assist projects or ideas that are educationally related and enrich the lives of students and participants.

The kindergarten classroom at Waldron Area Schools received $1,475.79 to help fund new furniture, such as tables and bookshelves that have been damaged over the years. According to the Emily Striver, a kindergarten teacher at Waldron, the tables the children sit at during the day have chipped edges, which sometimes catch the sleeves of the students. One table, if not moved correctly, loses a leg. The bookshelves are un-level, sagging, and are also in need of repairing.

Striver expressed her gratitude for the funds she received to help make her classroom a better environment for her students. “I would like to sincerely thank Michigan Community Credit Union for the Thinking Forward Grant, which will help our small school have safe and up-to-date furniture that we can be proud of!  You are a blessing to our community!”

The Forward Thinking Grant awards up to $1,500 quarterly. More information and the application are available at our website, 

Above: The kindergarten students of Waldron Area Schools express their gratitude to us!

Above: Michigan Community Credit Union employee Jessica Webb (second from left) presents the check for $1,475.79 to Emily Striver’s kindergarten classroom at Waldron Area Schools.

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