Thursday, August 11, 2016

Forward Thinking Grant goes to East Jackson Elementary!

We are pleased to announce that our quarterly Forward Thinking Grant has been awarded to East Jackson Elementary School! The Forward Thinking Grant was developed to help great educational ideas and projects become reality through financial assistance. The Credit Union is happy to assist projects or ideas that are educationally related and enrich the lives of students and participants.

East Jackson Elementary School received $1,540.00 to help purchase handheld microphones for seven classrooms. According to Assistant Principal, Jill Arcaro, the students at East Jackson Elementary will benefit from using microphones during discussions, presentations, and reading out loud. “The microphones help students gain confidence as they read and speak, as well as allowing other students to hear them more clearly, thus helping with comprehension skills,” said Jill.

The school continues to raise enough money for 21 microphones via school lock-ins, fundraisers, and assistance from the ISD. Their hope is to have a handheld microphone for each classroom by the end of first semester.

The Forward Thinking Grant awards quarterly. The amount disbursed per request is flexible and will be dependent upon the individual request, the number of requests overall, and the funds available. Do you have an educational idea, but need assistance funding it? Apply today! More information and the application are available at our website, 

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